Going Primordial

by Scamper Scamper

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released November 27, 2014



all rights reserved


Scamper Scamper Toronto, Ontario

Following lights right down this rabbit hole.

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Track Name: Piranhas
Well the polar bears are swimming
The bees are on their knees
While corporate executives
Do exactly as they please

What do you expect?
We're victims of our own success
Isn't it grotesque?
What do we do next?
We're victims of our own success
Aren't you impressed?

There’s tankers on the ocean
With drills down in the deep
So people standing arm in arm
Just to hear their mother weep

We swarm
We eat our young
Blot out the sun
We live
But we won’t give
This world for free
Track Name: Broken Monkey
Carried when I was young
Wary of all the shadows that crept up the lawn
Traipsing all among the trees
Facing away from home and every unease
Lively imaginings of old
Blithely we imitated the brave and the bold

It was great to know you
With the earth below you
So I dedicate this
Why don't you let me show you
When I feel like a flunky
Some kind of broken monkey
I recall you always
So nothing has ever sunk me

Storming all among the peaks
Warning with measured words and realities
Fair skies welcomed with good cheer
Your wise, unwavering voice I always found near
Empowering, when others were in need
Towering, true in speech and devoted in deed
Track Name: Idioms
She finds the faintest fault lines in my words
And in my verse
She likes to take a hard line in my bed
When nothing’s said

And she’s breaking my idioms
Winking and making her witty puns
But she’s just having a little fun
Cause she’s a model of modesty
With a bit of a mean streak
Surely verging on byzantine

She tames the lion lightly with a touch
Thinks nothing much
She maps the mazes sprightly on her steed
While schooling me

I don’t mean to seem laughable
But my retorts don’t seem passable
And she deems them illogical
Still I find her disarming
And her charm is alarming
Humbling isn’t harming
Track Name: Admiral
Call the admiral
Sprung a leak again
And when the fights break out
Don't know how to pacify them
The rumbles in the brain
We drown with silence
A sign we're underway
Quells the violence

Outside, I float in an iron shell
Inside, a tale that I can't tell
Outside, the look of a scoundrel
Inside, a caricature of myself

Call the admiral
The crew's unruly
'Cause when air is thick
Nobody's minding their duty
A sounding in the deep
Returns a murmur
It wakes us from our sleep
Renews our fervor
Track Name: Anatomical Disaster
She's a chasm of contusions
You're waiting to fall in
There's iron in your glances
And she's got magnetic skin
You can't see anything past her
She smiles and looks your way
Your breath is coming faster
You've become an invertebrate

Only a night like any other
Following lights right down this rabbit hole
Only a night like any other
Tumbling down

This craze has got you senseless
And worn at your resolve
Like rolling down a mountain
And all the brakes are gone
You gave away your freedom
To a vision from a movie screen
She's a smoldering inferno
And you're pouring the gasoline
Track Name: Fully Charged
Days I nearly expire from the grindstone turning
Ways I would get so tired by the thoughts I'm churning
Strapped in tight fitting uniform that I've been wearing
Trapped in a grid that's pushing in with horns all blaring

But now I'm fully charged
Amazing and bizarre
So full of fire, now I'm
Headed off the continuum
'Cause I'm fully charged
Like an exploding star
Blazing with life and now I'm
Destined for equilibrium

Tamed, I capitulated to the malcontents here
Small fries lend honorifics to avoid those sharp gears
Crossed town saw graves and niches with their eyes all staring
Bent down to salvage something from the nightmare glaring
Track Name: Tiger Stripes
Girl from a place in the country
Set sail to that further shore
She got a job in a factory
The wider world got their war
Fear for her family followed
Down dirty streets at the dawn
Only the wrens and the swallows
Knew where that scared girl had gone

With her tiger stripes

She met a man from the country
Spared by that perils of war
They got a place in the city
A little shack by the shore
And soon a family followed
Down sunlit streets at the dawn
Only the wrens and the swallows
Knew where that scared girl had gone
Track Name: Static in the Call
You banish me from your bedroom
And sleep in whimpering dreams
When did your life get so complex
And come apart at the seams
Compelled by whispering voices
And their motives unkind
You long for peace and release from
The push and pull on your mind

You live like you're under the covers
Your head is a haunted house
You look like you're waiting for someone
To come and let all the ghosts out

You've marshaled all your defenses
And fashioned every disguise
You severed every connection
That may be tainted with lies
And now your feet are retreating
Like you just want to escape
But this is real and you'll feel it
Long as you're running away

Make a show of being perfectly stable
But still phone me up when you're against the wall
So don't say that I ever deserted you
I'm just the static in the call
Track Name: Bitter Hook
Her scars were beautiful
And we were tangled to win
Our language was physical
With our warrior grins
Reaching inside for a better look
I was all blown away
This aching of mine was a bitter hook
Like a window to pain

The past is vast in you

Her outlook was cynical
So she wept in my arms
A cowering animal
Head bowed from the harm
Away from the safety of everyone
Took a risk in the dark
Told me directions her love had run
And how it tore her apart
Track Name: Magazines
I stand at a loss
The line a million miles
To gaze upon the gloss
Of infamy
We're dragged through the dirt
That sullies every page
The candy coated words
That claim me

Watch out
For the spin these magazines turn out
They bring you down
What do they want from me?
I'd be fine
If only I could read between the lines
I'm out of time
We're moving finally

The defamation folds
Compact under my arm
Secure that I'll be sold
The guilty pleasures wait
Their ever changing lure
Contentment to berate
They frame me

Will we be nothing without this?
And be ugly without that?
Will we be foul without this?
Some kind of pariah?